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1: It is preventative

Calling and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Alessi is not only reserved for the ones who already have wrinkles and lines they want to take care off. Botox can also be preventative and help reduse the amount of wrinkles you will get in the future. Treating the lines at an early stage will slow down the process of developing deeper wrinkles later.

2: You wont see results right away

The Botox takes about a week to kick in and start filling out the lines you are trying to get rid of, or prevent. After about two weeks you will be able to see the maximal effect of your Botox treatment.

Many wonder how often you should get Botox, and this varies from each person. Usually we recommend to schedule your next appointment three to four months after your last treatment.

3: Botox is not only for treating wrinkles 

Did you know that Botox is used for treating multiple issues such as migraine, heavy sweating and muscle spasms. We do recommend you to come in for an consultation before you book your appointment for Botox – so we can best help guide you.

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