Michelle T.
Submitted 05/26/20
Went in on a ER visit recommended highly by anotherphysician I know. I fell off a mountain and was a total mess He was very calming great humor kept me laughing and fixed my nose on Friday ( you would never know anything happened) very pleased. In fact went back for another procedure in Feb which also turned out great. His staff goes over and above they all are wonderful and fun!!! I wish I could just turn my body over to him for an entire do over and pick up a month later would that not be great!!!! You will not be disappointed in Dr.Alessi

Mauricio M.
Submitted 04/03/20
Dr. Alessi was extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and fixed my nose rapidly. His staff was also friendly. Would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Scott S.
Submitted 10/31/19
I came to Dr. Alessi for a “second opinion” after a vocal cord surgery left me with compromised vocal cords and accompanying speech issues. I was so impressed with him during that visit that I made him my primary ENT doctor. Since 2013 or so, I’ve seen him many times for various issues, from ENT needs to cosmetic needs, and each and every time I leave thinking to myself that I wish ALL the doctors in my path were like him. He has the amazing ability to make you feel like you’re the only one in the office (even though the waiting room and inside rooms are stacked with folks). He never rushes, always listens and more importantly, he always hears what you’re saying. He gives great medical advice, and beyond that, he gives great psychological advice due to the hardships that often accompany the reason I’m there. He’s kind, compassionate and interested. My only criticism is that there is only one of him to go around! Thank you Dr. Alessi, it’s very comforting knowing that you’re there when I need you. P.S. his office is decorated beautifully too.

Submitted 09/28/19
Dr Alessi is the most knowledgeable , nicest , caring , and humorous doctor in ALL the greater Los Angeles area . I should know , I’ve been going to him for 8 years .

Submitted 09/28/19
Dr. Allessi is one of the best ENT specialist in Beverly Hills. He is very smart and sharp in diagnosing and treating his patients.

Submitted 09/26/19
Excellent Doctor.

Arkady G.
Submitted 09/26/19
In the Doctor Alessi’s office, from the very first moment I feel tranquil and soothing something covering and caressing. I think it is thrust I’ll be back on the Get Well track. Thank you, dear Doctor!

Submitted 09/23/19
Thank you, Dr Alessi!!

Submitted 09/20/19
No waiting , very nice doctor, very nice staff

Submitted 09/17/19
My appointment was on time. The staff was nice and caring. Dr Alessi is an excellent doctor. Would recommend him to all Deena Zyskind.

Submitted 09/15/19
Dr Alessi is the best surgeon ever! Attentive and caring with a sense of humor. Highly recommended

Submitted 09/13/19
Dr. Alessi is one of the greats in medicine. Always a deep experience to see him and share in his wisdom.

Submitted 09/13/19
Always the best.

Submitted 09/10/19
Very easy, fast, personable, and thorough. Thanks Dr. Alessi!

Submitted 09/10/19
Dr. Alessi is a great doctor, he listens, he explains and he and his staff is very pleasant and respectful.

Submitted 09/06/19
I’ve known him a long time & then as now he has always been good.

Submitted 08/22/19
Dr. Alessi is great. He’s a consummate professional and very humorous as well. So if you are getting a procedure he takes your mind off things!

Submitted 08/22/19

Submitted 08/22/19
Thorough, professional and personal, as always.

Aaron L.
Submitted 02/12/19
Always great seeing Dr. Alessi

Brandy J.
Submitted 02/11/19
Very outgoing personality and knowledgeable to complement it.

Debra Y.
Submitted 03/16/17
Definitely impressed with Valerie who demonstrated great compassion as she spoke to a post-surgery patient while I was in the waiting room as well as Cynthia who demonstrated excitement (“what could be”) as she spoke of various procedures available – definitely made me want to book a next appt (which I did!). Dr. Alessi was very professional, personable & honest in his assessment of patient need not making personal recommendations but leaving all decisions up to the patient. I left being impressed!

Musya T.
Submitted 08/26/16
very good

Noreen S.
Submitted 10/22/15
I give him 5 stars

Victoria K.
Submitted 07/06/15
Dr. Alessi is a master in his field. He performed a number of procedures on me, including Scar Revision on my neck (which I had already wasted thousands of dollars on with another surgeon who failed to make any improvements), U-Lift, Rhinoplasty, Lower Blepharoplasty and CO2 Laser. He did exactly what I asked for and I had no complications. He has a gentle touch and I healed quickly. I am thrilled with my results. I did have a minor freak out two days after my surgery and he even opened his office on a Sunday just to make sure I was okay – which I was. He is a kind hearted man. I am a loyal fan and will continue to go to Dr. Alessi for all things head and neck. He’s an expert and an artist. I should also mention his staff is friendly and helpful and his office is beautiful.

Shahin K.
Submitted 06/30/15
Dr Alessi is amazing. I had problems with my nose for a number of years. After a few visits my problems are all gone. My surgery was great and I experienced no problems.

Dawn R.
Submitted 06/30/15
Great Experience. The staff was lovely.